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Sainsburys Personal Loans

Sainburys has gone into the finance market! You can now go to the sainsburysbank website and get a sainsburys loan. View the table below for loan amounts and interest APR%:

Loan Borrowed APR%
£1000 to £2999 17.4%
£3000 to £4999 13.4%
£5000 to £7499 7.9%
£7000 to £25000 6.5%
Age Restrictions You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a loan with sainsburys
Early Repayment Penalties? If you want to pay off your sainsburys loan early you will have to pay 2 months worth of interest.
How long can I repay a loan for? 1 to 7 years

Sainsburys Personal Loans Reviews

Positive reviews: Good rates for loans above £5000. Application is easy. Good value. Good brand name. Friendly. Simple to use.

Negative reviews: Insurance cover is quite high. Customer service not too good. Courier fee of £30. No branches. No internet access. Poor service. Hard to get out of once started. Only able to withdraw £250 a day. No cheque book.