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Northern Rock Loans

Now that Northern Rock is going through a bit of a crisis, now the CEO (Adam J Applegarth) has released a message on 16th September reassuring their customers that they can have their savings back. Its not looking good for northern rock. The good news is that we dont deal with northern rock so feel free to apply for a loan through us.

Northern Rock Loans are one of our secured loan competitors. If you're comparing loans? Apply to get your loan today - see for yourself which is better!

Northern Rock Personal Loans

NorthernRock Positives: Good rates, Flexible, good product.

NorthernRock Negatives: Can be slow, Hidden Costs, Rates higher than average, No notification of policy changes, Small print, Poor customer service, Untrained staff.

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Northern Rock is the largest financial company based in northern england. It is the fifth largest UK lender for mortgages.