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Marks & Spencer Loans

After a successful launch of their M&S credit card, Marks & Spencers are now getting into the loans market with their Marks & Spencers Loan!

Loan Amount APR% Interest
£1000 to £2499 19.9%
£3000 to £4999 14.9%
£5000 to £7999 9.9%
£8000 to £9999 6.9%
£10000 to £25000 6.4%
M&S Loans more info:
Age Restrictions: You have to be at least 23 years old to apply for a loan with M&S
Minimum Earnings: £10,000
Repayment holidays: 3 months
Early Repayment Penalties: 1 month interest
Repayment Periods 12 months to 7 years.

Marks & Spencers Loan Reviews

Positive Comments: Great customer service. Helpful. Good product.

Negative Comments: Could be better with there online services.


M & S Loans was originally started in the 80's as Marks and Spencer financial services, but in 2004 HSBC, one of the biggest financial organisations in the world, bought them out.